As an experienced, complete system solutions provider and financing partner we support you in implementing your solar projects from the start to projects completion. With our products, financing, industry  knowledge and customer service, CEG assures your project will meet all financial bench marks throughout the system’s life.

The Captured Energy group offers Multi-tiered  Advantage. Our solar energy generation portfolio is designed for Schools, (faith-based solar program) commercial properties, REITS, private airports, agricultural and solar farms. Solar energy solutions can be  highly complex systems and components. Let our team provide the best options that provide the most financial sense.

Our insulation teams have completed solar systems for rooftop, ground mounted and car port systems, single and dual axis trackers.

Solar Facility

CEG Technical Engineering:
  • Compliance of all permitting and interconnections
  • Engineering and design
  • Electrical
  • All State paperwork
  • Dedicated Project management teams
  • Best in class panel, components and Monitoring systems to ensure power production.

Captured Energy Group projects are class leaders and our high-performance solar modules and components are what make our product portfolio so successful, our product warranty and extensive power guarantees ensure that you will not have to worry about performance, operations and maintenance.

Captured Energy Group will provide you with a product that is a full turn key solution and is reliable long-term risk adverse. Ultimately, we will save you and your clients time and money.

Osolar_slide_5ur product partners are market leaders and proven brands that have the financial reserves to back stop our product selection and include stable, quality products and highly developed technology withstanding industry testing of assessments. So whether you are installing a large array that is grid-tied or a on-site cogeneration power plant, CEG will always find superior solution that is risk adverse and maximizing your savings.

From the beginning to completion, Captured Energy Group is your energy provider and partner.