New location

Captured Energy Group will be adding its new location in North Carolina in 2017. We are excited to have reached a deal to open a location in the south-east and will continue are build out. We have been very focused on building the company with a ” best in class” service that really benefits are targeted markets in the food waste industry.… Read more

In-Vessel Composting

Captured Energy Group will be introducing its product line of In-Vessel Composting equipment for  its industrial Organic Recycling  group in November . We have spent the last year working with our engineering team on building the very best organic food waste solution. Our in house manufacturing team pretest every unit to ensure that it meets and exceeds all working and environmental regulations.… Read more

Captured Energy Group is now powered by Solar

Captured Energy Group  is now powered by solar at its offices based in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. This is another step we have taking to ensure that we keep moving towards a greener product, while saving money on our electric cost. We are now incorporating solar to power our line of  food digesters as well. It’s really shows that a commitment to sustainability and good planning can save you money, while doing the right thing.… Read more

We Launch Our New Site Design

Captured Energy Group is proud to showcase our new website on

We’ve tried to more thoroughly describe our business, its mission, philosophy and products in a user-friendly way that we hope will encourage your interest in our innovative recycling solutions.

Captured Energy Group has an environmentally and economical sound way of converting commercial food waste into soil compost amendment that is pathogen free.… Read more